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An automotive call center or auto dealer virtual BDC is a crucial component to increasing your auto sales. It's imperative to contact today's consumer in the fastest, most efficient and economical manner possible. When it comes to following up on leads, no one does it better than DealerLink. Long recognized as the industry leader in special finance lead generation it was natural for us to help dealers turn more leads into sales by making the appointments for them. We eliminate your worries and concerns over whether your auto sales leads are being called properly, effectively or even being called at all. Hundreds of dealers have expressed their concerns over whether or not customers were being followed up with properly. Does it make sense for you to spend thousands of dollars on an automotive business development center still not knowing for sure if the job is being done the way you want it?

automotive business development centerOur virtual automotive BDC call center services provide a very powerful tool that will get customers from their homes and into the showroom at very low costs. We specialize in setting appointments for special finance leads, subprime auto finance leads, auto loan leads or any type of auto sales leads. Our automotive call center has the skill and experience when it comes to making the outbound calls so we know when the most effective times are to be contacting your customers. We do provide full virtual call center services on leads from all lead providers and we will make sure that you are paying only for valid leads.

Our automotive call center specializes in setting appointments for car dealers. We have a bilingual appointment team that is very experienced in setting sales appointments and we strategically schedule our BDC calls to be made at the most effective time to reach your customers. We'll initiate our outbound calls to every contact number, eight times within the first 10 days. There are some call center services saying they are calling these customers up to 90 days. In the real world you know two things are for sure when they say that: first they must not really understand the business and second, don't you think those customers are long gone in 90 days as someone has already put them in a car? If these customers can be found, our BDC call center is going to find them and get them in your showroom. When we contact your leads, our team is going to create a sense of urgency and excitement in your customers. We know that once your customer gets excited, they will want to come into your dealership at the earliest possible time.

Our appointment procedure is uniquely designed to fit the needs of you and your customers. Every appointment our automotive call center makes is personalized for the consumer so they know exactly will be taking care of them. We make your customer feel very special and treat them as individuals, we know from years of experience they will have a much higher likelihood of keeping their appointment because they know someone special on your end is waiting for them, resulting in more sales for you. DealerLink's automotive business development center is US based and makes your appointments based on the schedule you provide.

There's no question that our automotive business development call center program will give you higher returns on all your auto sales leads.

Eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty and go with a proven winner. Call DealerLink and allow us to take care of your automotive call center services: 800-890-8850

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