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DealerLink Inc. leads the industry in providing auto leads to new and used car dealers across the U.S. With an advanced and cost-effective set of dealer tools, we provide specifically targeted auto leads to boost your ROI, manage your expenses, increase sales and get your sales people moving!

Top 5 Reasons Why DealerLink is the Industry Leader

  1. Exclusivity: ALL of our leads are exclusive which means we only sell a lead one time to one dealer.
  2. Published Invalid Lead Policy: We are the only lead provider who has a published policy on invalid leads that allows dealers to send back and be credited for leads that are qualified as invalid.
  3. No Sign-up Fees: There are no sign-up fees for doing business with us.
  4. Easy Cancellation Policy: A dealer can cancel their contract with us at anytime. All they would have to do is give us a call or send us an email to end their contract. We are the ONLY lead provider who offers this.
  5. Largest Reach: Our leads come from our 500+ company-owned websites which are by far the largest number amongst any of our competitors in the industry. This means we have the ability to reach a larger audience than anyone else ensuring you only receive leads from prospects in your specified territory.

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DealerLink Inc. was founded by car people, for car people, to improve major issues we saw in the car industry. Many auto dealers were wasting money competing for attention and missing the savings opportunity that segmenting their customer base could provide. As car people, we help you find the real treasures people who are already interested in buying a car! New or used auto leads are always exclusive with us, guaranteed.


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