The Finance and Insurance (F&I) department of a well-run dealership in many cases is the single most profitable department especially those who use special finance leads and subprime auto finance leads or internet auto sales leads. Most owners know that there is a parallel between F&I production and store profitability.

Consumers are more knowledgeable today than ever before. The old days of “sign here, press hard, 3 copies” is OVER! Consumers can find out more about your cars and trucks than you can. The Internet has evolved to give them pricing structures on every manufacturer.This is only one of the many reasons why the F&I departments are even more important than they were before. In many cases, specialization has developed into two distinct categories: Primary and Special Finance (Secondary Finance, 2nd Chance Finance, Custom Finance, Sub Prime Finance).Special Finance was created to serve the special needs of those customers who may have some blemish or credit problem.

Current national statistics shows it is the fastest growing segment of our business. Recent reports indicate that 61% of the population has something within their credit history that puts them in this category. In the early 1990’s, Special Finance began to gain in prominence. Originally, Dealers would just take a salesperson off the floor and put them in as Special Finance Manager because they were willing to deal with “that kind of person”. Since that time, Dealers have discovered that via Special Finance they could generate additional sales that were not available to them before. Something else also happened. Dealers found out they were averaging between $2500 and $3000 per Special Finance deal. Today’s Special Finance Manager has to be very tuned in to what the specialty lenders are requiring.

Constant monitoring of programs is essential to success. Specialized training has also evolved for this huge segment of our business.As an owner or general manager, you should demand that your people have proper training and supervision just like the primary finance people do. They should be taught to treat every customer that comes into your store with respect and courtesy. If you don’t, your competitor right down the street will!If you aren’t getting the kind of results that you know you should, call the Special Finance Pros at


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