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DealerLink Inc. was founded with one primary objective in mind:

Provide new and used car dealers with auto sales leads, special finance leads and sub prime auto loans leads while providing an economical and cost effective way of helping the automobile dealers sell more cars in the largest growing segment of the car business: People with bad credit, bankruptcy or credit problems.

This segment of our industry has many names:

Special Finance, Secondary Finance, 2nd Chance Finance, Subprime Finance, Custom Finance and many others.

Recent national reports indicate that at the current time 63% of buyers have less than perfect credit. Progressive dealers actively pursue this huge profit potential. This segment special finance leads, auto sales leads and subprime auto finance leads just can’t be overlooked if you truly want to sell more cars. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t take care of this customer; your competitor will. The profits surrounding this segment are far too great to ignore.


We have managed some of the largest Special Finance Lenders in the nation. We know exactly what is needed for you to process a loan for this customer. Our sales staff consists of several General Managers, General Sales Managers and Special Finance Managers. These ladies and gentlemen have been in the trenches and know exactly what you confront everyday.

Research has shown nationally Internet usage is at an all time high with no signs of slowing down. The Special Finance business continues to evolve. Customers no longer want to use a telephone to try and figure out how to spell something on the keypad. They had much rather have the Privacy and Confidentiality that is available to them via their computer and the Internet. is on the leading edge of this technology.

One final thing to remember about the program: We deliver LOCAL CUSTOMERS who have indicated that they are ready to buy NOW!

Please be advised that our self generated leads are absolutely EXCLUSIVE and are sold to only 1 Dealer in a given market place. Contact us Today to see if your market is still available. If you want leads that 3 other dealers are getting don't bother calling us as we don't participate in those types of activities. 704-544-9100

Offering tips, advice and help on car buying, how to get a car loan with bad credit. 35+ years experience in retail auto and finance industry.

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