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DealerLink the industry provider of auto sales lead generation is excited to introduce: TRIGGER COMPLETESM. Todays auto dealer can sell more cars with lower advertsing costs with the help of our auto trigger leads, auto finance trigger leads, automotive trigger leads, auto sales leads or in market buyer lead services.

DealerLink has teamed up with Equifax, Trans Union and Experian to provide auto trigger leads at a much reduced cost. What if you could talk to every consumer who applied for an auto loan in your market in the last 24 hours? Pretty powerful given the fact that most banks now don't give the instant approvals they did before. Unlike some companies, we guarantee our lender is 100% compliant with FCRA and FACTA and every qualifed consumer will receive a firm offer of credit. Many companies are not properly licensed and do not send the offer of credit, they leave that up to you. We do not want you to assume that risk as our lender will send it on your behalf, we guarantee it!

Our TRIGGER COMPLETESM Automotive Trigger Leads program is the only one that call verifies the lead and sets the appointment. We provide every customer who is trying to buy a car and applied within the last 2 to 24 hours. We also filter the auto trigger leads for Beacon Score, Bankruptcy or Repossession.

Auto Trigger Leads Details

  • You can talk to every customer that applied for an auto loan from any source in your market including: local banks, credit unions, online auto finance companies and your competitors!!

  • Every customer will receive a pre-approved or pre-qualified offer of credit that is valid only at your dealership.

  • Personalized dealer website and toll free number for customers to respond. Free CRM included.

  • Lender guaranteed to be 100% FCRA, FACTA and DNC compliant. Is Yours?

  • A real lender that will provide a firm offer of credit to 100% of the qualified car buyers

  • Guaranteed exclusivity, you are the only dealer to get this buyer.

  • DealerLink will provide you with a call script, we suggest allowing our call center to set appointments for you.

  • Get a real chance to sell a car to someone who has identified themselves as an in market car buyer.

  • All auto sales leads are call verified by our BDC and appointments will be set for you on your schedule.

You decide where they come from and credit score range so you know they qualify for your lenders.

  • Credit Scores: Customized credit scores most effective scores are in the 520-750 range

  • No Open Bankruptcy

  • No Repo in last 12 months

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