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An automobile dealer today must use quality auto traffic services like automotive direct mail marketing specialists who provides highly targeted auto dealer direct mail campaign advertising, bankruptcy mailers, pre approved credit scored mailers with a compliant true offer of credit. Many dealers are unknowingly exposing themselves to huge liablity because the majority of auto direct mail marketing companies are not in compliance with FCRA and FACTA requiements as relates to consumer credit issues.

DealerLink is the only automotive direct mail marketing company to guarantee 100% compliance and we do not do any auto dealer direct mail advertising that isn't fully back up by an absolute firm offer of credit. Our auto dealer direct mail marketing also provides our BDC that confirms each response from the consumer. They may respond via dedicated toll free number or dedicated dealer website. Once they respond our call center verifies and sets the appointment for you. We eliminate the day to day problems in your store of the customers not being called or followed up. We are offering the only automotive direct mail marketing program that is truly complete for today's auto dealer.

DealerLink provides automotive direct mail marketing advertising services or fresh low cost direct mail list to the auto dealer who wants to increase sales while maintaining low advertising expenses. We customize your direct mail campaign based on your specific criteria and our direct mailing services will absolutely sell more cars.

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Offering tips, advice and help on car buying, how to get a car loan with bad credit. 35+ years experience in retail auto and finance industry.

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