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January 2010

"DealerLink Introduces a New Breed of Trigger Lead" article featured in Special Finance Magazine.

After receiving a flurry of inquiries from dealers a couple of years ago regarding trigger leads, DealerLink President and CEO Tim Parker was concerned about the possibility that the dealer could be on the hook for some major liability if a firm offer of credit was not made to the potential car buyer.

The solution he devised for that problem is DealerLink's latest offering, Trigger Complete (SM) Automotive Trigger Leads. What makes Trigger Complete(SM) leads different from other trigger leads, Parker said, is the additional steps DealerLink has taken to remove the burden of compliance from dealers' shoulders and make the entire process more worry-free.

To read the full article, click here. For more information or to learn more about how DealerLink's TRIGGER COMPLETE program could benefit you, please call 704-544-9100.


JUNE 2008

"More Than Just Internet Leads" Article in Special Finance Insider Magazine.

DealerLink President, CEO & Founder Tim Parker is spotlighted in a full-page article by Special Finance Insider Magazine, an Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine. In reference to the ROI of Internet Leads, Tim is quoted:

There's no advertising dollar that any dealer could spend that's going to get them as big a bang for the buck as they can get doing Internet leads ... there's no direct mail, there's no TV or newsprint or radio advertising that has a return on the investment dollar that these do, whether they're coming from DealerLink or any other company in the business

To read the full article, click here. For more information or to learn more about how DealerLink's Lead Program could benefit you, please call 704-544-9100.


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